Brighter work places

Delivers exceptionally bright light to light up dark rooms and interiors.
Daylight improves your work environment and staff performance.
Reclaim unused space by bringing natural light to under-lit areas.
Reduce energy demand and improve your company’s green credentials.
Cut cooling costs with fewer lights.

Light up…

• Offices
• Meeting rooms
• Corridors
• Factories
• Warehouses
• Workshops
• Studios
• Shops
• Sports halls
• Libraries

Brighter homes

A Solatube delivers lots of bright light – enough for you to work, read and write, all day long.
Simple to install and affordable – see our price guide.

Totally weather proof and water tight.

A great home improvement that adds value to your property.

See for yourself how bright a Solatube is

Light up…

• Kitchens
• Bathrooms
• Ensuites
• Hallways
• Landings
• Studies
• Attic rooms

Why is a Solatube so good

A Solatube is very bright and can fill a room with daylight.
The light output is incredible, providing as much light as you would expect from a window or roof light many times its size.

A Solatube uses a dome to gather ambient daylight from all around, whereas systems that use a flat collector are dependent on sunlight shining down the tube. Consequently a Solatube collects more light than a flat collector.

Solatubes are also one of the brightest tubular daylight systems available.

A smaller size Solatube can probably achieve the same brightness as a larger size tube from anyone else.

And a smaller size Solatube is thermally more efficient, so you get bright daylight:

  • without heat gain generated by windows and roof lights in the summer
  • and without heat loss through larger windows and roof lights during the winter

The World’s leading daylight system

Light up dark rooms and interiors with daylight piped down a highly reflective tube.
The electric-FREE lighting solution for residential and commercial buildings.

For help, advice or a quote, please contact us today on: 01460 61824

Don’t delay, download a brochure now for more information today.

The only tubular daylighting system with BBA certification.

Compliant with UK Building Regulations.

Our professional and experienced fitters can install your Solatube usually within 3-4 hours.

About Us

Solatube South West works closely with SolaLighting Ltd, the main UK distributor for Solatube Daylighting Systems, offering the same pricing and benefits. As the largest authorised distributors for Solatube in the south-west we provide a reliable, professional and friendly service to all our customers, covering:


  • Reliable and reassuring

    Solatube is a proven and well established product and the company is a world-renowned innovator of daylighting systems.  Solatube has been producing tubular daylight systems for almost twenty years and has sold over 2 million systems worldwide, making it the largest and most trusted manufacturer of tubular daylight systems in the world.

  • Highly effective and efficient

    Solatubes provide a compelling alternative to electric lighting, bringing the benefits of brilliant, natural light to both new and existing buildings while at the same time reducing energy costs and consumption.
    Solatube South West works closely with SolaLighting Ltd, the UK distributor for Solatube Daylighting Systems, our structure and pricing is the same.

  • Solar powered ventilation

    The SolaBreeze is a highly efficient and cost effective way to remove hot, stale or damp air from any building, yet it requires no mains electricity as it is solar powered.  It is therefore an ideal solution for buildings that suffer from poor air circulation, stale air, or condensation build up and also helps combat overheating by solar gain. Find out more

What others say

Mrs W, Poole

We are thrilled with the Solatubes; they have worked better than I expected and we can now work in the kitchen until it gets dark without putting the lights on, which was my main aim.  We would also like to thank you for the excellent service that you provided.

Mrs W, PooleHome Solatube
Mr and Mrs P, Broadmayne

From the time we first saw Nigel Beale, through the initial discussion, his visit and survey and the installation, he was always helpful, courteous and patient. The Solatube has transformed our landing and stairs, and we keep looking to see if we have left a light on!

Mr and Mrs P, BroadmayneHome Solatube
Mr and Mrs P, Dorchester

Erica and I are both absolutely delighted with the Solatube and keep glancing up to see if we have left a light on by mistake!  Thank you for your consideration and assistance throughout the process, from initial enquiry to completed installation.

Mr and Mrs P, DorchesterHome Solatube
Mr and Mrs H, Nr Taunton

Feel free to use this email in any way you feel fit on a website or in your future advertising. Should you have a potential customer in our area who wishes to see them installed you are welcome to contact us.

Mr and Mrs H, Nr TauntonHome Solatube