Light up dark interiors

…with bright daylight piped down a
highly reflective Solatube

"From the time we first saw Nigel Beale, through the initial discussion,
his visit and survey and the installation, he was always helpful,
courteous and patient. The Solatube has transformed our landing
and stairs, and we keep looking to see if we have left a light on!"

COVID update

Installations will continue during lockdown in line with govt guidelines,
whilst observing sensible distancing and hygiene practices.


Claims by competitors are based on the old style dome and are out of date.

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The World’s leading TUBULAR daylight system

Light up dark rooms and interiors with daylight piped down a highly reflective tube.
The electric-FREE lighting solution for residential and commercial buildings.
We cover from Cornwall right across to Sussex.

Dark lobby/hall

From dark lobby to really bright daylight; all with just a single 350mm dia Solatube 290DS – the before and after in this open hallway is impressive.

Small 3x2m study

See how a 250mm dia Solatube 160DS transforms this small dark study/office in to a light, bright workspace that can be used all day long without the need for lights.

Windowless bathroom

Pitch black 3m x 3m washroom at Chard Tennis Club with no window, now superbly lit with a 350mm dia Solatube 290DS.

Solatubes transform your home…

…turning dark areas in to light, bright spaces.  Installation is
straightforward in any roof type, giving a totally weather-tight finish and
there’s no structural work required.

Why is a Solatube so good

A specially designed dome and lens on your roof gathers ambient daylight from all around, directing it down the highly reflective surface inside the Solatube. Consequently, a Solatube can deliver extremely bright daylight in to dark rooms below, transforming them in to light, bright and airy spaces.

Solatubes are therefore one of the brightest tubular daylight systems available thanks to the dome/lens technology and use of the world’s most reflective rigid tube material.

A smaller size Solatube can probably achieve the same brightness as a larger size tube from anyone else.

“Works on north facing roofs too!”

Brighter work places

Delivers exceptionally bright light to light up dark rooms and interiors.

Daylight improves your work environment and staff performance. Reclaim unused space by bringing natural light to under-lit areas.

Reduce energy demand and improve your company’s green credentials.

Light up…

• Offices                   • Meeting rooms
• Corridors              • Factories
• Warehouses         • Workshops
• Studios                  • Shops
• Sports halls          • Libraries

Brighter homes

A Solatube delivers lots of bright light – enough for you to work, read and write, all day long.

Simple to install and affordable – see our price guide.

Totally weather proof and water tight.

A great home improvement that adds value to your property.

Ideal for…

• Hallways            • Kitchens
• Landings            • Bathrooms
• Ensuites             • Dressing Rooms
• Corridors           • Basements
• Lofts                   • Lounges

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