Solatube Diffusers for Beautiful Daylight Delivery

No other manufacturer offers such a range of high quality ceiling fixtures as Solatube; so don’t be limited by a lack of design choice.  If you’re going to install a sun tunnel system make sure what you see in your room is stylish and high quality, and avoid restricted options and cheap looking finishes.

The only thing you see is the diffuser so make sure it looks the business.  Your sun tunnel ceiling fitting is the most visible element of your sun pipe as it’s what sits on your ceiling allowing the light to enter the room.  Think of it as the equivalent of a light shade.

Choose from a stylish range of diffusers

The ceiling fitting is the one element of your daylighting system you will see every day. For this reason we make sure all Solatube diffusers and ceiling fixtures make a design statement, offering options that are both stylish, well-made and attractive — as well as functional.

However, Solatube sun pipe systems don’t just deliver daylight to interiors; they do it with style. Solatube decorative fixtures (or diffusers) enhance the look of any room with designs that range from subtle to stunning.  And with a choice of both round AND square sun tunnel diffusers the Solatube range of ceiling fixtures extends to 8 exciting designs – something that no other manufacturer gets close to.

And to ensure you get that quality look and feel Solatube diffusers are injection moulded for a high quality finish that adds a touch of class to your sun pipe system. It means you won’t be limited to the cheaper, flimsy looking options available from the competition.

“What a delight it is to have found a system with such great looking diffusers — the glass options are beautiful. That’s why I chose Solatube.”

Lisa M, Windsor, homeowner

Diffusers need to be practical too

A diffuser not only needs to look good, it also needs to spread and diffuse light evenly throughout the room.  With the Solatube range of diffusers you can be confident that you won’t end up with a beam of light shining vertically down in to the middle of your room.  These ceiling fixtures ensure that the light is immediately spread throughout the room, covering a large area and flooding the room with daylight.

Prevent heat loss

Not only does the diffuser ensure that light is spread evenly throughout the entire room, they also need to be thermally efficient – preventing heat loss from going up the tube as well as reducing heat gain during sunny days.

Consequently all ceiling fittings should be double-glazed at ceiling level, providing a thermal barrier between your room and the roof void above, thus ensuring that your (expensive) heated air remains in the room below. However, not all systems adopt this common sense practice. Systems that adopt double-glazing further up the tube, say at roof level, risk losing your precious heated air up the tube to be dissipated into the roof void.

Spread the light and chose from the best range of diffusers on the market, only from Solatube…

Classic Vusion™ diffuser 

Clean, simple, no nonsense design, the Classic Vusion Solatube diffuser features a sleek, gloss-white plastic rim with simple prismatic lens.

Classic OptiView® diffuser 

Also with sleek, gloss-white ceiling trim, this stylish diffuser incorporates Fresnel lenses to give you glimpses towards the sky for a stunning effect.

JustFrost diffuser 

Stunningly simple frosted design with 3 chrome fixing heads. This decorative fixture diffuser has an understated simplicity which benefits from a unique ‘halo’ affect around the edge of the frosted lens.

OptiView Frost diffuser

Using the same, dazzling lenses of the Classic OptiView diffuser but this time beautifully enhanced with a frosted bezel ring and chrome fixing heads, once again benefitting from a unique ‘halo’ affect around the edge of the frosted lens .

TierDrop diffuser 

The TierDrop ceiling fixture is a beautiful, cascading design, incorporating 3 frosted tiers, giving greater depth to the diffuser for a classic look.

Square diffusers

Solatube is the only sun tunnel system to offer a total of 3 square diffuser options with the following designs:

    • Classic OptiView
    • Just Frost
    • Plus the new Recessed square diffuser

More information about Solatubes BBA certificate click here.

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