Why is Solatube the best

Why is a Solatube the best skylight/sun tunnel system?

Now here’s an interesting point; when you’re looking for the best tubular skylight / sun tunnel it’s likely to be a Solatube sun pipe. A bold statement, perhaps, so let’s explain why a Solatube is the best choice and why other types of system often fall short.


A Solatube is almost certainly the best quality system available and is looked up to as the market leader. It’s why everyone else tries to compare their systems with a Solatube. You only have to put a Solatube sun tunnel alongside a copycat system and the difference in quality of both the design and the materials used is obvious. That’s because in copying the market leading Solatube sun tunnel system, their goal is to make it CHEAPER, rather than BETTER.

However, high quality Solatube systems mean that parts won’t break or fail and will last longer. Plus good quality design makes installation easier and that means your installer can make a better job of ensuring the installation is totally weatherproof, without having to struggle and make mistakes. Just remember that any system can only ever be as good as the quality of the installation work. Find out more here


How bright?

Just think twice if you come across claims from other systems that they deliver more light, because they almost certainly don’t. One manufacturer is even misleading people by comparing their own copycat system against an old and out of date Solatube system in order to make out theirs are brighter. They also go as far as comparing a larger diameter system against a smaller Solatube to try to make out they are brighter.

So, please don’t fall for misleading information. There is no up to date or current test data from the BRE comparing the market leader, Solatube, with any other competitor product that states it is 70% brighter, despite what they might claim. FACT! Find out more here


98% or 99.7% reflective tubing – it makes a BIG difference

Most other systems use a less reflective material in their tubes. It may not sound like a big difference but just consider the physics for a moment:

    • 98% reflective: Each time light bounces down the tube it loses 2% of its energy, or light. Over just 10 bounces that equates to a 20% loss of light.
    • 7% reflective: Each time light bounces down the tube it loses just 0.3% of its energy, or light. Over 10 bounces that equates to a tiny 3% loss of light.

Find out more here


Dome or flat glass collector

A Solatube dome is able to gather ambient daylight from all around and direct it down the tube – imagine it as a giant funnel, with all the daylight pouring in to it. A flat glass collector or skylight, however, is dependent on sun light shining directly down it. So if the sun is not high in the sky and above the skylight, then a skylight will struggle to capture anywhere near as much light as a dome on a Solatube. Read more here


Accreditation and certifications are not awarded lightly, which is why few other companies that offer lower quality copy-cat systems boast them. Solatube is the real deal and complies with UK building Regulations. Installing a Solatube systems provides you with the reassurance that you are dealing with a company and products that are fit for purpose, compliant with regulations and focused on quality. Just ask what a competitor system can offer and you’ll notice the difference.

More on quality and reassurance here

Across the south and west, Solatube Southwest is the recognised distributor and installer of Solatube sun tunnels (or light pipes), from Bournemouth down to Plymouth and beyond
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