The ultimate weatherproof roof flashing for your sun tunnel

To guarantee a totally leak-free and weatherproof roof installation, Solatube has developed the NEW Premium roof flashing.

If you’re considering installing a sun tunnel to light up a dark room in your home with daylight, then one of your first thoughts is likely to be whether it’s going to be leak-free.  Let’s face it, if someone is making a hole in your roof you need to be 100% confident that it is totally leak-free and completely weatherproof.

Now, the integrity of a sun tunnel roof flashing installation actually comes down to how well it is fitted or installed and by whom. Which means ensuring that you use a competent and trustworthy roofer or installer.

There are various roof flashing solutions proposed by different companies, and provided they are each installed properly by someone who knows what they are doing, then they should all do a good job.  However, if there was a roof flashing that made the installation job that much easier, then it means your installer is likely to make an even better job of it and you are far more likely to have a water tight and weather proof installation that will never leak.

Hence why the Premium roof flashing from Solatube is probably one of the best solutions around.  Manufactured using a high performance, lead-replacement material called Ubiflex, it offers 5 key benefits:

1. It is extremely malleable without the need for heat or specialist tools and skills.  This means it can be easily shaped to take up the profile of roof tiles, thereby ensuring an excellent fit.  The Ubiflex material can also be bonded to tiles and slates using a High Tack adhesive, adding yet another degree of weather tightness to the installation.

2. It is around 80% lighter than lead, significantly reducing carriage costs (which includes fuel consumption) and making it easier and safer to handle and install, particularly when having to carry it up on to a pitched roof.

3. It is non-toxic and far less harmful to the environment than lead and aluminium alternatives. It can also be recycled at end of life.  Both lead and aluminium use large amounts of energy in their manufacture, not to mention in the mining of and processing of the mineral resources.  Ubiflex significantly reduces the amount of resource and energy required in the manufacture and transportation of a flashing.

4. Not only is the Premium flashing smart looking, it actually retains its appearance over many years, resisting discolouration and staining, unlike lead and aluminium alternatives.

5. And for further peace of mind Ubiflex is self-sealing if punctured and is guaranteed for 25 years.

• Leak-free weatherproof installation

• Does not discolour or stain

• Less harmful to the environment

• BBA certified and BRE tested

• 25 year guarantee

With BBA certification confirming suitability for use and independent BRE testing, you can be assured that a Solatube Premium roof flashing will give you years of trouble free life.

Supplied as standard with all pitched tile roof kits.


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